Earn A Million Dollars?

Is there real money to be made on the Internet? This is a common question among many Internet users.

After doing some extensive research, I am now able to focus on some of the safer areas.

In India, the scope of earnings on the Internet is much less, compared to the US. On the Internet if the person in India is earning 100 dollars per month, then the same person would have earned 500 dollars or more in the US.

You can earn only few dollars from the internet. The “Make Money from Internet” or “Work from Home” concepts are still not implemented in such a manner that anyone could come and easily earn thousands of dollars in a month. It is better to keep this activity part time only. In the future we may see a different picture because there are some companies who truly promote honest internet money making businesses.

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) online is the most famous company in the US for promoting online business standards. You can easily trust on any company if it is BBB online verified. If it is BBB online verified then you can see a BBB online seal on that site. Go and click on that seal, it will show you the company’s case study carried by BBB online. BBB online provides the seal to only honest and trustworthy companies. You can find out the information on

There are various scam sites on internet so beware of those sites. Always read the FAQ, member’s agreement, and policy terms before registering with any paid site. Avoid paying money to the company for participation. Don’t expose your credit, debit card number, it can be dangerous.

Google AdSense is a very good program for publishers as well as advertisers. If you are a publisher then you should have a site where Google can post the ads. If the visitor of your site clicks on the google ad then you will earn in dollars. Google charges minimum amount for the advertisers to post their ads on your site. This is not as easy as it looks. Google promotes real advertisement so you can’t click on the ads for a whole day and earn thousands of dollars. They have a very sophisticated program which can track fraudulent clicks, robot clicks, extensive manual clicks from same IP etc. There are many rules and regulations in this program. The concept works for very popular sites. The less popular sites may earn less money compared to famous sites. 
This may be reversed though, because it all depends on the visitor’s choice to click on the advertisement.

AxionData.Com – This is a BBB online verified company. They outsourced the data processing jobs to various agencies, people. It seems that they promote US participants rather than Non US people. If you are lucky and get work from here then you can earn in dollars for each data entry. – Good site and one of the largest for freelancing work. You can almost get any type of freelancing work here. They have a huge network of professionals and employers.

Filling the paid surveys is one of the growing sectors in internet money business. You have to just fill the survey and earn in dollars. Surveys can be 15 minutes to 30 minutes long. You can try for online surveys as well as telephone surveys. You get paid higher amount for telephone surveys. Also many companies invite you to participate in discussion forums. You get paid for an hourly basis and can get up to 100 dollars for a forum. 
Here also there is a catch. Most of the survey companies prefer US citizens so US people get the most invitations for surveys. Top companies I can suggest are SurveySavvy, Acop, GlobalTestMarket and QuestionMarket.

There are various paid programs like Internet surfing, paid emails and filling in offers. These programs are very risky and you can earn lower money out of it than sometimes expected. If the site is offering very high benefits outside US then please find out more about the company, and do research. It may be a scam. You can get a lot of information from the GPTBoycott.Com site.

Finally you can not be a millionaire in a month. If someone is paying you for nothing then there must be a catch in that. Unless you do the hard work, you cannot earn a penny. Still internet money can help you in paying some of your bills. Go for the skilled jobs from home i.e. from, fill out the surveys, get the data processing, form processing work.

There is a lot of struggle in this industry because millions of people approach these companies.

The internet money making concept should not die. It should be more transparent and clear in India also. In future such concepts can help a lot of disabled people who can not go out of home, older people who don’t have any source of income, women who need to earn while looking after children, and anyone who wants to learn a little extra honest money.

Article written by Vivek Chitre


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